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Timber Framing Videos

Unlock a world of inspiration with our video collection. Hear from thrilled homeowners who've realized their vision, tour stunning timber frame spaces, and gain design insights. Get practical information, explore different timber frame styles, and gain invaluable inspiration to guide your project. Discover the captivating beauty and unmatched warmth timber framing can bring to your home project.

Featured Timber Videos

Best & Worst Species of Wood to Build With

In this informative and educational video, Bert discusses different wood species and details characteristics like drying, sap, twisting, and stainability.

The Problem With Log Cabins: Pros and Cons

Learn about how the design and collaboration came together to create a design that the owners loved. 

Timber Frame Redefined: Luxury with a Conscience

Step inside a home where timeless beauty and cutting-edge efficiency intertwine. Discover all the sustainability concepts utilized for this award-winning hybrid timber frame home.

Bold Beams and an Unforgettable Arrival

Step inside a rustic timber home where the porte cochere sets the stage. Experience a timber masterpiece with a breathtaking entrance.

Cinematic 3D Renderings

Visualize Your Dream Home in Unparalleled Detail

Experience your timber frame project before a single beam is cut! Our cinematic 3D renderings transport you into your future home with breathtaking realism. Experience the scale of your rooms, admire how the timbers affect the space, and visualize every detail of your design in a more lifelike way than any CAD drawings can inspire.

Why Cinematic 3D Renderings?

  • Make Confident Decisions: See how different design choices, finishes, and even furniture arrangements impact the overall feel of your space.

  • Experience the Details: Visualize how light and shadow play across the timbers, explore textures, and get a true sense of scale.

  • Share Your Vision: Cinematic 3D renderings are the perfect tool for sharing your excitement with friends, family, and potential builders.

Modern Meets Rustic: A Timber Frame Great Room Redefined

Step inside a stunning transitional home where timber beams add intrigue and warmth to a great room. Discover how exposed beams can blend with contemporary design elements.

Craftsman Charm, Compact Footprint, No Compromises

Discover how this charming timber craftsman bungalow maximizes space and style. Explore clever design features and the enduring appeal of timber accents with loads of character.

Elevate Your Design Process:

Cinematic 3D renderings are available by request to all clients who have reached the closing stages of schematic design. This crucial phase involves refining your initial ideas, solidifying the layout and flow of your home, and making key decisions about materials and finishes. Our 3D renderings provide a powerful tool to visualize these choices in stunning detail, allowing you to make informed decisions before construction begins. This not only fosters a sense of confidence and excitement but can also help identify any potential issues early on, saving time and money in the long run.

Hear from the Heart: Client Testimonials

There's something truly special about hearing the stories of our satisfied clients. Their words paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of timber framing, taking us beyond the aesthetics and into the heart of what these homes truly represent. Explore their journeys, from the initial inspiration that sparked their dream of a timber frame home, to the challenges and triumphs of the building process, and ultimately, to the immense satisfaction of living in a space that reflects their unique personality and values. Witness how these handcrafted structures become more than just houses – they become cherished havens, fostering a deep connection to nature and a sense of enduring comfort for families for generations to come.

Historic Resort Transformed into a Timber Dream Home

Witness the breathtaking transformation of a historic resort into a unique timber frame masterpiece. Explore the challenges and triumphs of preserving the legacy of the past while incorporating modern luxury and the timeless beauty of exposed timbers.

Finding "Just-Right" Timbers in a Big Rustic Residence

Building a magnificent rustic home requires the perfect timbers—grand enough to match the vision yet appropriately sized for a harmonious end result. Join this couple on their journey as they search for ideal timbers to create their dream home.

Share Your Story, Too!

Have you built your dream timber frame home with Arrow Timber? We'd love to hear about your experience!  Sharing your story can inspire others who are considering a timber frame home and showcase the value of working with Arrow Timber.  We invite you to submit a written testimonial, a short video clip, or even photos of your beautiful timber frame home.  Let us know how Arrow Timber helped you turn your vision into a reality, the special features you love most about your home, and any advice you have for future timber frame builders.  We look forward to featuring your story and helping others embark on their own timber frame journey!

Like What You've Seen? We Have More Where That Came From!

Did these timber frame videos leave you dreaming of your own exposed beams, intricate joinery, and the warmth that only natural wood can bring?  If so, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!  Become part of our community of timber frame enthusiasts and get regular doses of inspiration delivered right to you. We've got a whole lineup of incredible projects in the works, from cozy cabins to sprawling modern masterpieces, and can't wait to share them with you.  Plus, we'll be diving deeper into design tips, practical insights, and the fascinating stories behind some of the world's most beautiful timber frame homes.

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