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FAQs: Get Informed and Make the Best Decisions

Building a timber frame home is a unique and exciting process, but it's natural to have questions. Our comprehensive FAQ section is designed to address the most common inquiries, providing clear and detailed answers to empower you throughout your project journey. Whether you're curious about cost factors that influence the final price, the level of customization available to personalize your dream home, or the step-by-step process of constructing a timber frame masterpiece, we've got you covered. Let's get started!

Doug Fir Tree

Common Questions:

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What types of timbers do you use?

We work with a variety of timbers, including Douglas Fir, Cedar, Hemlock, and more. We primarily use Douglas Fir due to its availability in the PNW and numerous favorable qualities for timber framing. However, the best wood for your project might depend on your aesthetic preferences, budget, and local availability.

Where do you provide timber frame services?

We're located in southwest Washington, but we've designed, built and installed kits all over the United States from Alaska to Florida. If you're interested in our sevices, contact us, and we'll likely be able to accommodate your project.

Do you offer design services in addition to timber frame construction?

Absolutely. In fact, we don't build anything until it's properly designed and visualized and your satisfaction is communicated to us. We can work in these ways:

  • Collaboration with your architect/designer: We'll translate your existing plans into a timber frame structure.

  • In-house design: Our designers can create custom plans tailored to your vision.

  • Modification of existing plans: We'll adapt stock plans or our own designs to fit your needs.

Can timber frames be integrated into an existing home during a remodel?

Yes! Timber frame additions or remodels can add beautiful, inviting spaces to your home. We'll assess the feasibility and design a solution that blends seamlessly. Check out our design process and leave us a message about your project so we can see if we can assist you with this.

How much customization is possible with your floor plans?

We offer predesigned plans as a great starting point for those wanting a great design with less time and decision-making than a custom home. We can make modifications to these plans to ensure your home matches your needs.

However, no worries if you don't see a plan that appeals to you. We also will design an entirely custom plan to meet your every need while achieving the look you want with timbers.

I have timber on my property. Can I sell my timber to your company for use in other projects? Can you use it in my project?

Potentially! Using timber from your land can be a fantastic idea. Let's work together to figure out if you have suitable candidates for timber framing. We'll need some information to assess your trees' suitability for timber framing:

  • Species: If you're unsure, we can help identify them from pictures.

  • Size:  Measure the diameter (thickness) of the trees at breast height (DBH).  This is about 4.5 feet above the ground.

  • Condition: Are the trees standing or downed?  Let us know if there are any visible signs of rot or disease.

  • Pictures:  Sending pictures of the trees is very helpful for our sawyers to assess the quality of the timber.

Do you provide custom-sized timber materials outside of full timber frame projects?

Absolutely! We understand that projects come in all shapes and sizes. If you need specific dimension lumber or timbers not readily available at lumber yards, we can help. Please note that this service is dependent on our core business capacity at our sawmills, and we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to fulfill all requests at all times.

To get started, please fill out our material request form so we can gather more information about your project.

How much does a timber frame home cost?

Unfortunately, there's never a straightforward answer to this question. There are many factors that influence cost:

Size and complexity: Larger, intricate homes naturally cost more. The timber frame design and style will also have an influence on cost.
Location: The wood you choose impacts the price.
Finishes and materials: Selections for flooring, roofing, appliances, HVAC, etc., play a big role in overall costs.
Site conditions: Terrain and accessibility affect construction costs. We'll provide a detailed estimate once we understand your project.

We prioritize your budget when designing. Understanding your investment level ensures smoother project execution.

Look at our floor plans to find features you like or don't like, then reach out to us to start a more informed conversation about the potential cost of your timber home.

Do you sell just your timber frame floor plans separately?

We don't offer our floor plans as standalone construction documents. Our plans are designed as schematics to guide the creation of complete timber frame homes fabricated by our skilled artisans. Due to unique timber framing techniques and associated structural engineering, most would require significant adaptation by a qualified professional to be used for construction without our involvement.

What timber frame organizations do you belong to?

We're proud members of the Timber Framers Guild. This demonstrates our commitment to high standards and the industry of authentic handcrafted timber framing.

timber framers guild

My timber have really big cracks. Are they still safe?

Timber "checking" refers to the cracks that form along the grain of wood as it dries and loses moisture. This is a natural consequence of the wood's seasoning process. Checking is expected in all timbers and doesn't significantly affect the wood's structural strength.

Do you offer general contracting for the entire home build?

While we specialize in timber frame design and installation, we don't do general contracting for the complete project. Our focus is on providing you with buildable plans and expertly crafting and raising the timber frame structure. This allows you to choose a local general contractor who is familiar with your region's best building practices and permitting processes and has the expertise to manage the rest of your home's construction. We're happy to provide recommendations for reputable builders in certain areas of the PNW.


Didn't Find the Answer You Wanted?  We're Here to Help!

We want to make your timber frame journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  Whether you're just starting to explore the possibilities or have specific questions in mind, we're here to help!  Here's how we can support you:

  • Answer Your Questions: Let us demystify the process and provide clarity to confidently move forward.

  • Explore Your Options: We’ll discuss potential solutions and tailor them to your vision and budget.

  • Get You Started: If you're ready to build your dream, we'll outline the next steps!

Don't hesitate to reach out!  We love talking about timber frames!

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