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The Arrow Timber Framing Difference

Every timber frame tells a story. From cozy cabins nestled amidst towering pines to grand lodges that echo with laughter and family gatherings, our clients share their journeys of transforming their visions into extraordinary timber-framed realities. These testimonials showcase our passion for creating spaces that spark joy and fulfillment, which become cherished homes for our clients and their loved ones. Don't just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about our craftsmanship, personalized service, and results that define Arrow Timber Framing.

Video Messages from Our Clients

Bill and Julie - Sandpoint, ID

Discover the inspiring story of how Bill and Julie successfully built their hybrid timber frame home with Arrow.

Fred and Ann - La Center, WA

The video showcases the discussion of Ann and Fred, as they talk about the addition of a unique patio cover to their home.

Matt - Vancouver, WA

Matt discusses his planning process and why he had to have timbers in his new Northwest-style lake house.

Pete and Sarah - Brush Prairie, WA

With careful consideration, Pete and Sarah made the exciting decision to build a beautiful a hybrid timber home.

Lynn and Scott - Camas, WA

Lynn and Scott wanted a rustic look in their beautiful home and achieved it with intricate arched trusses.

Mark - Battle Ground, WA

Mark went from liking his home to loving it. He was impressed by the innovative ideas that Arrow presented for his home.


My husband had know how much I enjoyed the look and the atmosphere that timber framing portrays that a few years ago he surprised me with a beautiful new timber framed kitchen. I love the exposed beams and trusses. They give my house a rustic yet homey and comforting vibe. Berts crew expertly and beautifully installed the beams and trusses so quick (one weekend) and efficient. I know that any future timber framing we have done, the first person we’ll call is Bert! Thank you Arrow for helping make my house feel like home.

Heidi & Dean

I just wanted to thank Arrow Timber Framing for the outstanding job you did on my timber framed pavilion. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy the work of art that you designed, and the craftsmanship that you were able to put into our structure at our home. You have a skill that is hard to find these days. In addition, everyone that sees it is amazed at both your design, and your quality.
As the owner and a general contractor myself, I must say that working with a company like yours, and the workers you have, is a special treat. I would recommend you to anyone interested in a quality structure with a type of craftsmanship that is difficult to find. They wouldn’t be disappointed!
Don’t hesitate to have clients call me or come and see what you are capable of doing for them. I’m sure they will be amazed.


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased we are with our new opportunity to spend more time in the outdoors! Why we selected Arrow Timber: when comparing quotes we looked at the four drivers to selecting a builder; Price, quality, schedule and safety. Each element was not equally weighted; Price was in the driver’s seat, but timely completion and quality were significant factors we used to compare builders. Within the “Price” was an element we called price certainty. This was a softer side to the cost evaluation that really speaks to our sense the builder was not going to ‘nickel and dime’ us to complete the project on time and true to vision we discussed. We spent time communicating the end product and did not want to know all the details on how to get there. The ‘nickel and dime’ changes to the price would typically outstrip the cost differentials between builders.

Quality was a strong runner up to price. We were naturally driven to the lowest cost, but not at an expense of quality. With Arrow Timber we saw a history of past successes and structures that were built ‘right the first time’.

Schedule, about 10 years ago we had our home built. We co-contracted the construction of our home. It was extremely frustrating to have subcontractors come to do their part only to see them leave the incomplete, it was always tomorrow they’d finish or they’d be back next week to finish their work. It was extremely important to have someone that would start the work timely and finish the work within the time quoted. No excuses.

Safety, as the home owner there is an exposure to workers injuries. In our discussion with Bert we were satisfied his crews would put safety first. In summary, we were very pleased working with Bert & Arrow Timber. What was promised… was delivered. That simple.


This is our second home Bert and Arrow Timber have framed for me. From plan review to engineering and foundation Bert played a key role in making all the pieces fit together seamlessly. Kelvin, Bert’s foreman, on the job was very communicative and adaptive to our needs and had no issues with on-site change orders, as this was a custom home. The neighbors commented to me, that Bert’s crew was clean, professional and as quiet as could be expected. Obviously I can attest to that, they basically left no carbon footprint. I don’t want to leave my home but if I had to build again, Bert and Arrow Timber would be the only crew I would use.


We first met Bert a few years back at the Log and Timber Home Show in Portland, Oregon. We were interested in building a “hybrid” log-style home incorporating timber features. We were very impressed with Bert’s work and continued to follow his projects as we developed plans for our new home.  We always valued Bert’s approach to his work as a fine art instead of just another commonly found step in the construction process.  About three years later, we were finally ready to build and we worked directly with Bert on planning and implementing the “timber accents” in our home.  Bert was excellent to work with throughout the planning and construction phases.  Bert and the whole Arrow crew designed and installed impressive custom supports for our upstairs balcony as well as our “show stopper” timber entry.  Both are commonly admired for their impressive size and beauty, as well as their design and craftsmanship.   

We were happy to have gotten to know Bert better throughout the process and we were left feeling like we had made a new friend.   We look forward to many years of enjoyment from Arrow Timber Framing’s craftsmanship.  We would highly recommend Arrow for any project you may be considering.

Doug and Juliana

Mark and I have really enjoyed the beautiful covered backyard living space that your team fast efficiently and cleanly built for our family. Not only do we spend a lot of our time out back during the summer but we came to realize just how year round accessible it is. This winter we have hosted many family gatherings outback by our warm firepit. I even put my kids’ sandbox on the patio this winter so they too can enjoy it. During our planning stage Bert was so helpful in helping to give us ideas and we appreciated how he could so expertly draw up a sketch of his ideas. Now what was once the blueprint he made for us has now become our second living room. Thank you to Bert’s team and Bert.”

Mark & Erika

Find Out How We Can Bring Your Vision to Life

Are you interested in this home or want to learn more about timber framing in general? Contact our team at Arrow Timber Framing for more information. We also provide custom home plans tailored to your needs and preferences. You can reach us by phone at 1-833-212-0202 or using the contact link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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