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The Knowledge Center is designed to both educate and inspire. Gain practical insights into the world of timber framing, from technical details to design trends. If you're captivated by the artistry, history, and practicality of timber framing, this is your resource hub. Delve into our articles, explore videos of experts in action, and discover the dates and topics of our upcoming seminars.

Explore the Nuances of Timber Framing

Delve deeper into the fascinating world of timber framing with our collection of informative articles.  We'll cover a range of topics, from the history and evolution of timber frame construction to modern techniques, materials, and design considerations.

Design, History, and Post & Beam Education.

Immerse Yourself in Timber Frame Artistry

Experience the captivating artistry of timber framing through our curated video collection. Tour breathtaking homes, witness the transformation of raw timbers into intricate joinery, and discover endless design possibilities. Let our videos ignite your imagination and fuel your passion for this timeless building method.

Featured Videos

Best & Worst Species of Wood to Build With

In this informative and educational video, Bert discusses different wood species and details characteristics like drying, sap, twisting, and stainability.

Timber Frame Redefined: Luxury with a Conscience

Step inside a home where timeless beauty and cutting-edge efficiency intertwine. Discover all the sustainability concepts utilized for this award-winning hybrid timber frame home.

Discover the Art of Different Types of Timber Trusses

Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of exposed timber trusses. Explore our guide to popular truss styles, from the classic King Post and Queen Post designs to the dramatic Hammerbeam and versatile Scissor truss.  Learn about their history, structural properties, and ideal applications.

Get inspired for your own project! Discover the unique character and visual impact each timber truss style offers. Explore how trusses can add grandeur to a great room, create a cozy foyer, define an outdoor living area, and enhance virtually any room in your home.

Featured Trusses


Queen Truss


Arched Truss

What is Timber Checking?

Timber checking refers to the cracks that form along the grain of wood as it dries and loses moisture. This is a natural consequence of the wood's seasoning process. When a tree is cut down, it can contain up to half its weight in water. As the timber dries, this moisture evaporates, causing the wood fibers to shrink. However, the outer layers of the wood dry faster than the inner core, due to their greater exposure to air. This uneven drying process creates tension within the wood, and eventually, cracks develop along the grain, relieving this tension. These cracks are what we call timber checks.

Why Does Timber Checking Happen?

  • Uneven Drying: The outer layers of wood dry faster than the inner core. This difference in moisture content causes the outer wood fibers to shrink at a faster rate, creating tension and leading to cracks.

  • Wood Species: Some species of wood are more prone to checking than others due to their density and structure.

Deepen Your Timber Frame Expertise

If you're passionate about timber framing, our seminars are designed for you.  Whether you're a seasoned builder seeking to refine your skills, an aspiring homeowner eager to understand the process, or simply captivated by the beauty and craftsmanship of exposed timber, these seminars offer valuable insights and knowledge.  Delve into the rich history of timber framing, explore its modern applications, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and principles that guide this timeless construction method.

Get Answers To Questions We Hear All the Time

Are you curious about heavy timber construction? Do you want to learn more about this traditional building technique?


Check out our FAQ section on timber framing!

You'll find answers to common questions, as well as tips and resources to help get started.

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