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"Miramar" Historic Resort Renovation

"Miramar" Historic Resort Renovation

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Vashon Island, Washington
Remodel: Paul J. Eberharter, Architect Timber Design: Arrow Timber Framing
Michael Shultz

Built in the early part of the 1900’s, the “Miramar” hotel was only accessible by boat, as there were no roads leading to it on Vashon island in Puget Sound Washington.

Over the years, various changes had been made, but it had mostly fallen into disrepair. The current owners took an interest in it, as Geoff Wotton had vacationed there as a child. Together with his wife Kelly, they had the opportunity to purchase the property and historic hotel. However, they need a repair and additional building permit to complete the process.

They wanted to retain the rustic look of log-built construction, and decided the timber framing would integrate well with the look. Initial contractors did not fit the craftsmanship that was required for this type of project. So, when Geoff and Kelly hired Arrow Timber, it was the perfect fit.

Due to the difficulty of getting materials to the island, they had to cross the Vashon Island Ferry and the drive down a very narrow and steep road, requiring some beams to be shortened and fit together on site. Not only did Arrow help reinforce sagging logs with large quality beams, but a post and beam addition of a master bed/bath was created.

Extra work was done to rebuild some of the log features, and even the staircase to the upper outlook room was fixed as a free extra from Arrow.

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