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Timber Frame Design and Heavy Beam Trusses for Home Remodel, New Construction, and Commercial Structures. Serving Washington, Oregon, and Pacific NW. Custom services include, but are not limited to:

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...And any other idea you might imagine.

Our focus is for the people who want the enjoyment of unique, personalized timber living. We believe your post and beam or timber structure should portray the strength and durability of the solid relationships you have forged in your life. This is why we love giving you custom timber frame design and good, solid, post and beam construction.

Where Should You Draw the Line For Timber Decor in Your Home?

A Full Timber Frame vs. A Hybrid Timber Frame System... or just Small Accents?

Stop. Clean slate.

The difference between a full timber frame and a hybrid timber frame is simply the number of decor decisions you will be exposed to.

A Full Timber Frame:

Dictates that exposed beams are part of the home decor in every corner of your home, narrowing the breadth/scope of decor decisions you must make.

A Hybrid Timber Frame:

is a combination of timber framing and conventional framing, which expands the number of design possibilities and combinations for your home... which means more... (shudder)... decisions!

Decisions mean thinking. Thinking means mistakes. Mistakes mean PAIN... Ouch! This assumption is the key reason some people are reluctant to strive for the home and atmosphere which gives them joy and comfort every time they come home. A joy that does not swiftly fade away. A joy they can pass on to their guests, family, and friends. A better perspective is to use a mindset and system to have a fun and rewarding decision-making process.

Here are some questions I've heard which will highlight the decision process homeowners often face using a hybrid system to customize their home.

"If we are going to have timbers in the great room, shouldn't we have some in the kitchen also?"

"Don't you think that it's a bit odd to have timbers only in front of the garage?"

"Do you think that it's worth adding corbels to the front gable ends? Should we add them to the back also?"

"How do we create a clean break from the timber area, to the more conventional area of our home?"

"It seems like we should go ahead and add beams to the end of the hallway, don't you think?"

You will also wonder about how your decisions will impact the feel of your home. It is an inherent part of the building process. The following points hopefully will serve as guidelines to keep your decision-making fun and easy.

Timber Decor Tips And Guidelines...
So You Can Decide Where To Draw The Line

To Post or Not to Post:

A small timber element with huge repercussions. Once you decide to expose the vertical timber posts you have then crossed over from timber accents to more of a full-fledged timber atmosphere. I'm not referring to posts that support an exterior porch, pavilion, or entry. I'm referring to posts usually on the inside of a home and usually against the walls.

It's kind of hard to put a finger on this, but after posts have been run to the floor in the interior of a home, the ability to be more modern, contemporary or sophisticated is more difficult.

To illustrate the point, think about a log cabin. It is and will remain rustic, no matter how many walls would be faux painted or what type of furniture and lighting is added. The rustic atmosphere can only flex so much once the big picture has been established.

To get a rough idea, think of a scale from 1 to 10, with modern contemporary living as 0, and rustic log cabin living as 10.

A Full Timber Frame will score a 6 to 9 depending on the timbers selected and combination of decor choices. This does not take into account a surprise combination - in its own class - such as a radical mix of old and new. In general most full timber decors score 6-9.

A Hybrid Timber Home with no posts can fall anywhere between a 2 and 6. Think about a Mediterranean style of home with stucco walls and ornate wood ceilings. It is a unique style that has elegance with a touch of rustic sturdiness. As long as your home has no posts you will be able to dial back the rustic factor as much as you want with your choice of furnishings, colors, lighting, etc.

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