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The ATF Hybrid Timber Framing Advantage

How to Personalize Your Style and Save Money for Upgrades

The benefit of a Hybrid Timber Frame can be summed up in one word: Flexibility. Flexibility in design. Flexibility in building. And flexibility in investment.

You get more options to design your personalized look and feel. You get more building solutions at your disposal. And you get to easily control where and how you allocate your investment.

As the Hybrid Timber Framing specialists, helping clients brainstorm and make choices is a very important part of the system here at Arrow Timber Framing. Some projects require us to try many options, while others are more straightforward. Whether you are the architect, builder, or client, you can rest assured that no stone will go unturned until you get good-looking hybrid construction ideas and solutions that make sense. We specialize in ideas that capture the unique style preferred by you or your clients. Also, our team utilizes a competent production and building system to bring your ideas to life.

How could a hybrid timber frame design fit your project? Here are just two examples of how the ATF Hybrid Advantage gave more flexibility with design, building, and investment for our clients. From a small backyard project to a brand-new, high-end home, this system works!


Small, Unique Remodel and Shop Projecttrinh_before

A hybrid timber frame gives us creative leeway. At ATF, we have a never-quit mentality when it comes to getting just the right fit for both your style and your budget. Sometimes, a particularly challenging project requires more from our design team. This happened with Tom and Natalie, a couple that first approached us at a home show.

I would love to tell you how we went on to develop a strong relationship and helped them figure out a personalized Hybrid Timber Package. Unfortunately, our marketing at the time was not as clear as it could have been. We didn’t convey the benefits of our unique value chain, and the initial home building project went to another timber frame provider.

Fast forward eight years: redemption! Tom and Natalie were interested in building a shop, and they wanted to convert their open, heavy timber pergolas into a covered area. The ATF Hybrid Design System uses a joint strategy in these situations:

Intuitive Design: We understand the Gestalt, or all the elements which make up the big picture. This could include the target investment, the intended function or use, personalities, location, and even the owners’ personal values or shared history.

img_8550Brute Force: We bring dogged perseverance to your project, which forces the birth of more creative ideas than we first think is possible.

The shop design was driven by the rustic style of their home. Using a hybrid timber frame approach, we framed a traditional building using 2×6 walls and a truss roof. The savings allowed Tom and Natalie to concentrate their investment where it would have real impact. The shed roof, which is supported by heavy brackets, gives a solid feel without appearing out of scale. They even finished with gorgeous, high-quality stone and skrill-edge siding, which would otherwise have been outside the budget.

Tom and Natalie have an amazing story of immigration from South Vietnam. As our team got to know them, we kept coming back to their heritage. This grew to influence the style of their covered pergola. As we explored options, we ruled out any solution that would cut off natural light. We also didn’t want the solution to take away from the existing Northwest-style pergolas.

Our final design included exaggerated angular rafter tails, protruding far beyond the footprint of the building and fanning out the towards the end. We covered the structure with clear acrylic. The upward-facing geometry allowed the heavy Northwest style and touches of intricate Eastern style to flourish in harmony. As a bonus, it covered more space and required no downspout. By mixing acrylic with angular artistic framing members in this hybrid timber framing solution, our clients saved both money and time as the scope of work no longer included building a framed roof.

img_9058High-End Home Project

Hybrid Timber Framing has the advantage of being extremely flexible. Today’s homeowners are informed consumers. They often want an eclectic blend of styles. Ron and Nicole were the perfect examples.

Ron and Nicole were ready to build the home they would stay in. As builders, they’ve seen it all, and they wanted something unique. And since they have seen it all, they wanted to include elements of many of the styles they’ve worked with throughout the years. They both really liked a rustic, old ranch style. But they also wanted to include Industrial Modern elements. And they wanted the overall effect to be elegant. A tough bill to fill! There was one saving grace: no budget. Great fun! Unfettered freedom! Creativity without constraint.

Of course, we all know that everyone has a budget when push comes to shove. This case was no exception. Starting without constraints is a way to create multiple options for customers willing to pay for an extended design package. Even if we end up spending more time on the design, our focus is on the final product.

This is the process we at ATF use for Hybrid Timber package design options. We start with a blank slate:

veach_duringStep 1 – “Loose the chains.” If money were no objection, what might work well here? This question is asked over and over again as we produce new ideas.

Step 2 – Prioritize the best ideas. Again, still without thinking about resource constraints.

Step 3 – “Invite the parents back in.” Here, we listen to the voices of prudence and reason. We list objections.

Step 4 – Creatively challenge perceived reality. Rolling each challenge around like a rock in your hand, observing it from different angles, often produces creative thinking.

Step 5– Choose a pathway. At this point we move. However, if the style is not correct, if the clients don’t like the looks, or if the costs come in over budget… then we start all over! With Ron and Nicole’s project, we did multiple design revisions. But that is what we do: relentless idea generation until things come together! Ultimately, it is very satisfying.

Hybrid Timber Framing elements were utilized strategically throughout this project. We included untraditional materials such as colored concrete, rusted steel, and reclaimed timbers. By mixing conventional framing and rough-sawn timbers, the flexibility of hybrid Timber framing gave the owners more options to save resources and get what they wanted.

When the team at Arrow Timber Framing agrees to go to bat for you, you will get a good-looking solution that makes sense. Guaranteed. The flexibility options of Hybrid Timber Framing together with the ATF never-quit mentality is an extremely strong and reliable combination. So if you have a project in mind, schedule a 30-90 minute brainstorm. Your project must pass certain criteria before we can offer you the iron-clad ATF Double Guarantee and add you to our design and production schedule. But once you are in at ATF, you are in – through thick and thin!

Hybrid Timber When you want to beautify or personalize the appearance of your home you do not need to look much further than hybrid timber framing. Hybrid timber homes have been a favorite solution for people that enjoy the warmth and beauty of exposed beams. A well-designed hybrid Timber package will hit three notes: 1)Be balanced and aesthetically pleasing. 2) Will fit and look natural. 3) Will have your fingerprints or personalized Style. You will be able to use pegs and traditional joinery or choose from connecting plates made of metal, stainless steel and more. Whatever look you are going for, you will get a hybrid timber frame home package to complete your vision.

Stunning Craftsmanship If you or your current client wants a solution that applies best practices when it comes to craftsmanship, you will find that an ATF hybrid timber frame will deliver on these goals. The craftsmanship is optimized for strength and beauty. Each aspect of your home/project need not be inspiring in and of itself, but collectively produce a unified theme or feeling. A carefully planned and crafted hybrid timber frame package will do a lot of the “heavy lifting” to capture your unique style.

A Smart Investment Building using hybrid timber framing, whether for yourself or for your clients, is a smart investment because of the practicality, flexibility, and beauty it provides. Hybrid timber framing is unlike other building systems because it allows you so much flexibility to meet your vision for the space you have in mind. Perhaps you want a vintage look with hammered plates or maybe you prefer a modern appearance? With hybrid Timber framing your personal style is easily captured and enhanced. Because ATF hybrid timber packages are optimized for a unified fit and carefully crafted with high-quality materials you will see a return in: more enjoyment, higher sales price, and increased liquidity. (Easier faster sale if need be)

Improved Performance and Durability Hybrid timber framing improves performance when measured in strength because the posts, beams, and trusses are so stout! When measuring performance by return-on-investment, hybrid timber framing is tough to beat because it provides so many ways to personalize, beautify and enhance the unique look people want. Which results in more enjoyment, higher-value, and a very desirable asset. And of course, hybrid timber frames are very durable almost by default. Even if left unattended and uncared-for, the sheer size and volume of material used with hybrid timber framing guarantees a long life.

To your goals, momentum, & happiness!
On behalf of the ATF team,
Bert Sarkkinen