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The Hybrid Timber Frame Advantage

Big bang for Your or your client’s buck. Maximize Your punch. Save money for counter tops and appliances. These are all signs of a good investment. A hybrid timber frame combines the gorgeous good looks of exposed beams with the practicality and design flexibility of other building systems. You or your client can focus your investment and save money! Timber trusses are the poster child for effective accents. Many people choose to use timbers in their entry, great room, kitchen, or outdoor living area – complete with posts, knee braces and full-blown timber design. The trick is to know how to capture you or your client’s personal style. Timber trusses come in many shapes and sizes. Timber girth, truss shapes, and frequency will help you perfect the feel you or your client are looking for. Your options are limited only by your imagination! And in addition, the hybrid timber framing advantage will accommodate virtually any architectural floor layout or roof design.

metal-strapsPost and Beam

Do you or your client prefer the look of metal plates and connectors? Post and beam construction uses metal plates and bolts as a means to connect the structural members. The term is often confused with or used interchangeably with timber framing. Post and beam gives you construction method options as well as flexible style options. You or your client’s personal style will be defined by beam size, geometric shapes, and amount of exposed wood. Metal plates can be used as effective accessories to influence your style. Hammered plates with old-fashioned, rusty bolts create a rustic feel, while stainless steel plate and cables will give a modern look. It fits a wide spectrum of styles.

Timber Framingtraditional-craftsmanship

Many people are surprised to learn that intricate Timber Frame joinery is faster and easier than using metal plates! This is because ATF has worked hard to gain the experience necessary to streamline production. Timber framed homes are built with mortise and tenon joints connected with wooden pegs. As the pegs are part of the charm and tribute to early human ingenuity, many people choose to have their timber frame pegs sticking proud rather than cut flush. Some people opt to call even more attention to the pegs by using a different species of wood or by staining with a contrasting color. And You will be working with timber shapes, sizes, frequency and space volume to really zero in on what you or your clients want. Also, as tension loads can be the limiting factor in any type of construction, it is quite common to use hidden metal connectors to increase structural capacity, yet preserve the timber frame look.

Return On Investmenttimbers-give-a-home

So you, or possibly your clients want to enjoy the warmth and beauty of exposed beams, but you may be wondering about the Investment. One of the best things about hybrid timber framing is that you can maximize Your reward and enjoyment. Here are 3 ideas to calculate Your return on investment:

  1. Sale price of You or your clients’ project– if you are a builder, this is very important! Even as a homeowner you would probably be pleased to know that ATF hybrid timber packages deliver a 35-50% return. In other words, getting the right balanced look can turn your $10,000 investment into up to a $15,000 return.
  2. Faster sale for You or Your clients’ project– Who would not want an investment as close to liquid cash as possible? We can’t guarantee a sale in three days! But getting the right balanced look will make your investment more desirable, which will help you sell faster. (Not selling? See #3 below)
  3. You or your clients’ Enjoyment– Here is the Big Kahuna – the motor which drives things! It also ties in to values. Fellowship. Goals. Art. Beauty. The possible sale speed and price of your project are really only the icing on the cake. The big motivator is enjoyment!

What does enjoyment mean to you or your clients? It can be difficult to quantify on paper, but we all know enjoyment by instinct. You may like to sit with Your morning coffee in a timber framed great room. Or maybe You relish family events and entertaining with a post and beam outdoor living area. Perhaps You simply likes the warmth and beauty of exposed beams. Whatever it is that makes you happy, know this: The hybrid advantage allows you to maximize what you get.

Get Inspired!bert-home-3

You’re in the right place! Watch this intro video to get an idea of how this process could work for You or your clients. Also, check out our Gallery! We are always adding new pictures, so it is a great resource for your ideas and inspiration. You also have our Timber Construction blog at Your disposal. It is full of fun info designed to help you avoid common pitfalls and get what You want.

-The ATF Team


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