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Arrow Timber would like to share some thoughts regarding our commitment to serve and support Post and Beam for Architects.
The following points will give you a good idea about what to expect and how far we can flex our services to accommodate your needs.

#1 I Don't Want To Steal Your Thunder

Ultimately, you know and understand your clients the best. You are responsible for giving them the biggest bang for their buck. In that light, it would make no sense to put me on a pedestal and to superimpose my ideas or vision over work that has already been accomplished. It’s best if I enter the situation slowly and give suggestions when asked or in an appropriate setting. Once I’ve been brought up to speed on the project, I have no qualms about consulting directly with your clients if it strengthens your relationship with them and makes your job easier. Perhaps you just have a few pressing questions and need immediate answers? Or you would like some quick guidelines or industry standards? Please don’t hesitate to give me a call and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

#2 The Cross Pollination Effect
I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced any negative results in working with multiple parties to come up with design and structural solutions. In fact, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job! I have no desire to be superman… to be the one with all the good ideas. It’s much better to be a part of the solution and perhaps more importantly to feel free enough to make suggestions without any fear of looking stupid. Cross pollination of ideas and experience has got to be the easiest and most enjoyable way to find solutions and make progress.

#3 Lots Of Proven Tips To Utilize Exposed Timber
From questions about SIP’s, efficient truss connections, and even how to transition from a timber theme room to a more formal room, I’ll gladly share my experience with you. Having been a timber enthusiast for so long, I’ve come across many different and unique situations which have created an intuitive sense of guidelines for the most practical options.
#4 The Rise To The Challenge Syndrome
If you want to sell me on anything, tell me how much of a challenge something will be. You’ll see my eyes light up! For you, this means that you may get solutions when I am sleeping, pondering late at night or performing a mundane task. If any aspect about your project feels incomplete, my mind has a tough time letting go. (Dog on a bone… according to my wife!) I’ve lost track of the times I’ve called people back to give them some more ideas that popped up. Granted not always flawless, but even my flawed idea could be a springboard for your improved idea. I guess it comes back to the idea of teamwork!
#5 Help Presenting and Selling
As you know, selling is all about understanding the client, finding creative solutions, and communicating those solutions in a way they can easily understand. When we work together, your clients will experience multiple options presented in 3-D Format, if you feel it is the best way to proceed. Our past clients have all experienced a high trust factor from the first meeting onward. Joint presenting to your prospect could be beneficial in making their decision to buy easier!

I want to assist you and look forward to working with you.





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Arrow Timber Framing

Does your project need creativity? Is your project complex? Could your project use cost savings analysis? Are you wondering how to pull it all together? You have found an honest timber framing company that will knock your socks off, and one that has honed and perfected their unique abilities (superpowers) to address any of the aforementioned concerns you may have.

We promise you Ultra-Personalized Timber Design and Build for residential and commercial use, Satisfaction Guaranteed. You can receive a complete, personalized timber package including any combination of the following:

  • Remodels, New Construction, And Add-Ons
  • Entryway
  • Covered Outdoor Living Area
  • Decorative Trusses
  • Kitchen Beams
  • Accents
  • Full Timber Frame
Four Steps to Success
The ATF brainstorm session is usually held at our office, but can also be held online, on the phone by web conference, or via email. Together we will:

  1. Determine what your unique situation is, your expectations, the size of your ideal investment, and your preferred timber style
  2. Review any existing blueprints, sketches, and pictures to establish a scope of work
  3. Get a solid idea of what the best solution may be and how to best proceed with your project
You will find the ATF Design team to be borderline zealots. This is because the design is the phase which can control whether an investment is a good one or a bad one. In other words, we drill very deep and leave no stone unturned to make sure you are getting what you want. If you could see the countless design ideas we have pursued behind the scenes, you would probably think we were nuts! But this extreme devotion to creating artistic, balanced designs translates to solid investments with low risk for you. Your ATF designer will do any and/or all of the following:

  • Additional brainstorming and troubleshooting with your other team players. (Typically your architect, builder, and interior designer)
  • Create a 3D model of your project- The design options usually get boiled down to two or three options.
  • Show you the options at meeting #3, make notes about your preferences, and make any necessary modifications. This “Dance” continues until a clear winning design emerges.
  • Communicate necessary information and work with your other team players to move your project forward.
You can rest assured that the zealous pursuit for an excellent product is alive and well during this phase also. Shortcuts are simply too painful! Your ATF artisans will:

  • Create all engineering documents required by the engineer
  • Create construction and install documents
  • Hand craft your timber frame at our shop
  • Pre-stain your timber beams if desired
  • Work with your builder and install the timber package at the right time
After your Timber Project is installed, we will inform you about maintenance needs. Indoor beams will require virtually no maintenance, but exposed exterior beams will. We will recommend a maintenance plan to keep your beams looking beautiful. 

Inspiration Reports

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FALL 2014

Click here to view Inspiration Reports from the last few years.

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