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Maximize Your Possibilities With Hybrid Timber Framing

May you find all of the inspiration, motivation and tips you need to imagine and acquire timber living; the Lodge, the Mansion or the Cabin, that fits you to a “T.” Not too heavy. Not too light. A lasting statement that is FUN to build, and reflects your values and your personality.

May you have an enjoyable experience getting your Personalized Timber Living. From the moment you subconsciously set your goal, to 20 years after your project is complete. You and I know that we are talking the same language if the following words resonate with your vision of how your home/structure should feel.

• Long Term • Sturdy • Lasting
• Well Proportioned • Visibly Pleasing • Magnetic Living Space
• Balanced • Good Flow • Positive Energy
• Pragmatic • Rock Solid • Charismatic
• Delightful • Well Planned • Rewarding

3 Additional Things You Can Expect To Get From Arrow Timber Framing…

#1. You can expect honesty and humility – While I consider myself to be extremely quality conscious, I hope you never have to hear me carry on about how great we are at Arrow Timber Framing and blah, blah, blah. Nobody should have to break their arm patting themselves on the back. It’s boorish. And I believe that you are smarter than that.

I believe that you can decide for yourself if I have the credentials, passion and know-how to build you a solid and finely crafted community recreation center, great room addition, or any other project you have in mind.

If I can’t prove my passion and attention to quality in the information I give you, then you shouldn’t even consider hiring me to timber frame your home. Basically it comes down to trust, which must be earned.

POH-10-Q#2. You can expect a very logical and pragmatic approach to green building – While I’m sure that you appreciate the efforts and progress which is being made for reducing energy consumption; you are also forced to face everyday realities like I am. This means that we have to be pragmatists and wise about how we invest our dollar.

Thinking green or raising your green awareness can be very rewarding. Especially when you can harvest the low hanging fruit. I’m referring to simple low tech solutions which reduce environmental impact and save time or money. For example using reclaimed timbers has always produced a frame rich in beauty and history. Or simple decisions which really don’t cost anything and produce savings. (see also, green article and/or video) Basically, I support the new green innovations and am glad to use proven systems, and believe the free market forces will sift out the truly sustainable building methods.

I’m very thankful to the band of individuals who are pursuing and making progress towards better energy use systems. As time passes the good sustainable ideas will remain. Once the good ideas are proven it is time to do our part and embrace them. But, to embrace new “green fads” prematurely, en masse, could actually be quite harmful to the environment.

#3. You can expect influence to help promote the real You – I certainly don’t want to sell you on the idea that your happiness and the real you is based upon an acquired lifestyle of perfection and elegance. NO. I refuse to believe that your lifestyle can be fit into a box. I refuse to believe that your life is one of photo shopped perfection, tense, and always on stage.

Rather, I believe that you have values that run much, much deeper than that. I believe that you relate to your children, spouse, or close friends in a way that is fitting to the situation. At times more formal. At times more relaxed. This is why the information here is presented in an unpretentious and straight forward format. Why should I pretend to be something that I’m not? Why should anyone become a contortionist with their personality and who they are?

I believe you are best served by touching first on the message of sharing, of teamwork, of capturing your inner essence, before focusing on the actual steps needed to acquire the Timber Living benefits, which you, your family, and your friends can enjoy. Then your pleasure and happiness will be as solid and lasting as the timbers themselves.

BallResidence07Think about how much those important people in your life mean to you… without that, what do you have? Pause… Now imagine an evening in which your family and friends have chosen to socialize and enjoy the timber atmosphere of your home….isn’t that a much richer and sustainable picture of life? As long as nothing takes precedence over the things most important to you, the perks in life become even better!

If the info you find here makes you feel free to express yourself… to live the life you want, puts a smile on your face, or encourages you to pursue and share your vision with those you care about… my goal has been achieved.

In a nutshell, I truly believe your timber frame should be a reflection of the real you, because the real you is a gift you want to share with those around you every day.

To your goals, momentum, and success,