guaranteed post and beam design

Timber Design Made Easy

Before any saw dust gets made, any sweat gets shed, and any physical lifting happens, we prepare ourselves for a mental triathlon. We make design easy for the clients, giving options and ideas which they get to say they like or what they would like to see different. We build a 3D model of all our projects to scale, to give each client a one of a kind timber frame design, and a true idea of what they’re home is going to look like. The triathlon on our part comes in the way of working for the long term good. This covers guaranteeing our Timber Design work until you sign off! Sometimes the ideas are fast and get quick approval. Other times there are a lot of sketches between our design team, tweaks on a model, different options to try, and sometimes a complete redesign. No matter what, when we determine a project is going to be a good fit, we sign up for everything that can happen until we cross the finish line.   

The feedback we have received from clients is that our models, along with the options we’re able to present, is invaluable. Though we stay out of the weeds in details, we make the big picture bright and include all the necessary details and many more in all areas with timbers. The only real surprise is that your actual Timber Home always looks better when it’s finished than the model ever does.


Design Render - Mixing Modern and Timbers

Modern Timber Design – A unique blend of timbers on an otherwise modern home

A Classic Timber Home off the Coast in Alaska – A truly classic design, view the gallery for pictures of the real thing!

This custom timber home is a real mountain lodge style, with a perfect amount of "rustic" for the homeowner

A Kids Dream – Every house isn’t a kids dream, but when your parents incorporate and design a slide instead of a staircase it’s a dream come true!

Interior Timbers - A great room to spend many special occasions in

A Great Place to Make Memories – Spending time with your loved one’s, reading books by the fireplace, or spending holidays together this great room is built to enjoy with your family and friends

Design Render - Craftsman and modern

A Clients Timber Cabin with the finished design – A place to unwind and relax, take in the views, and enjoy the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere

3D Render - Craftsman Design

Same Home – Another angle, with a different color set. The design of this home was 80 percent done, but a few tweaks and color changes delivered the finished product

A mix of modern and craftsman

Sixty Percent of the design is done – The main idea is there, a few changes with the front, and the clients would like to try some different colors. Also, let’s dress up the inside

Interior Great Room

A simple and clean great room. So many things can be done with timbers, it’s not always heavy pieces or trusses you need. Sometimes simple clean ridge beams with rafters can give the desired look and dial in the investment where you want it.

A Pacific Northwest Home

Bringing things together. So many times plans come to us with some timber place holders, yet no real direction or continuity. With this home the trellis above the garage door and the corbels helped pull everything together.

A Modern Home with Timbers

Another Modern Design with timbers to match. Making timbers versatile for any design is what we strive to do. It may take many renditions, model changes and adjustments, but we keep going until we cross the finish line.